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You can use order now page.

Once you select a package and number of pages then the total cost will be shown automatically on the right side of the options list. You can select the required options and the total cost will be adjusted automatically.

You can order up to 10 pages at a time. We couldn't able to take bulk order at this time.

Yes, Each additional page of the same domain will get 50% discount. Or if you have more than one page but not the same domain, then you will get 10% discount.
Unfortunately we do not. We do absolutely everything from scratch and this is achieved through a mock up.
We work with payment upfront. We don't take credits, payments are made via Paypal only.
PSD means PhotoShop Design. It is a layered mockup or design of your site created through Adobe PhotoShop. We also receive Firework [.pngs] and Illustrator [.ai] layered files.
Yes, we keep a 6-month back-up of all clients' files and projects. Be assured, that you can contact us during this time if you ever misplace or lose your project files, we will be more than happy to provide you with another copy.
Bedesign offices are open from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm IST. We quote time lines in business days, so please be aware that being we don't work weekends, those days are taking into consideration for our scheduled deadlines.
Currently, we require full payment upfront in order to start working on your project.
Absolutely not, we are a completely transparent service.
No, unless you give us permission to display your project on bedesign's website.
Yes, we absolutely work under Non-Disclosure. Client privacy is extremely important to us, and we take it seriously. You can be assured we will never contact your clients on anyway non-related to your project. If you want us to sign a personalized NDA, send it over and we will sign it.
All payments have to be made via Paypal.
We do not use any WYSIWYG tool to code the sites, our programmers write all code from scratch and then check it directly into each browser to make sure it looks great. If you are not technically savvy, we recommend a WYSIWYG tool like Dreamweaver to make future changes to your site, however if you are good with HTML/CSS, we recommend Espresso for MAC and Aptana Studio for Windows.
We only code in DIV's and tables are used only when absolutely necessary (tabular data).
We charge a small fee for the Drop-Down menus, and of course you will need to include the design on your project files.
Yes, we do not use any form of generator, or "site grinder". You can be confident that every bit of your code is hand-coded by only talented front-end coders. You're in good hands.
Absolutely! We only provide W3C valid hand-coded goodness! 🙂
Our turn around time from PSD to xHTML is 2-3 business days without the edits and revisions time. Also, if you have a larger bulk order over 5-6 pages, the 2-3 business day timeframe could be delayed as well. And if you require an implementation or any extra add-ons like Javascript it also could affect the turn-around time as well.
The layered PSD, PNG and TIFF files we will accept. We will accept AI, PDF and EPS files but it would take more time to convert them in to PSD file format, and need your confirmation to convert them to PSD files.
In case of PDF file format, you have to provide the dimensions in pixel (px) sizes.
Internet Explorer 8+ and the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Our QA team will test the HTML pages with all browsers which mentioned above and thourelly check the code which to be meet the W3C standards.
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